The 2019 racing season is upon us! For more information about race venue, racing categories, bike info, fees, and series details, please see our events faq page.

Waffle Cross

Waffle Cross

October 5th & 6th

Charitable Partner:
  Idaho Humane Society

Turkey Cross

Turkey Cross

November 2nd & 3rd

Charitable Partner:
Idaho Food Bank

Kringle Cross

Kringle Cross

Nov 30th & Dec 1st

Charitable Partner:

Race Heats:

Race #1 (45 mins)

Start Time @ 10:00

Women’s Cat 1/2
Women’s Cat 3
Women’s Cat 4/5
Master Women 50+ (Open)

Race #2 (45 mins)

Start Time @ 11:05

Men Master’s “B” Cat 3/4/5 (40-49, 50-59)
Men Master 60+ (Open)
Men’s Single Speed (Open)

Race #3 (55 mins)

Start Time @ 12:30

Men’s Cat 1/2
Men’s Cat 3
Men’s Masters “A” Cat 1/2/3 (40-59)

Race #4 (45 mins)

Start Time @ 1:45

Men Cat 4/5

For 2019 we are working to create a competitive and fun race for all participants. If you are familiar with an “A” and “B” floating category, then you will understand what has happened with the Men’s Masters category.

We are taking the Men’s Masters category 1, 2, and some faster cat 3’s (ages 40-59) and moving them to our Pro/1/2/3 race. This will be our Men’s Masters “A” heat.

If you are a Men’s Masters category 3 (slower) or a 4/5, (ages 40-49 and 50-59), or a Men’s Master age 60+ (Open) you will race in your own heat along with our Single Speeders. This will be our Men’s Masters “B” heat.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the “floating” A/B designation that we are using for the Men’s Masters category 3, please reach out for clarification! For those of you Cat 3 Masters on the border between an A and B race pace, please race up! What doesn’t kill you will make you FASTER!